Sponsorship Opportunities

Our club is always looking for new sponsors to help us provide the best equipment, facilities and coaching for our players.

We have various sponsorship packages available, including club sponsorship's and team sponsorship's. We ensure that our sponsors are promoted on our Facebook page, website and at all club events and we encourage our members to use these generous sponsors when looking for local services.

We have a new sponsorship manager for 2021. If you would like more information about sponsoring our club please contact James Pizzie 0488 479 153 or email jamesp@curlcurlyouthclub.com.au

Exclusive Deals for Our Club Members!

This year we are happy to announce that our sponsors are offering exclusive deals for members & generous incentive programs that give huge financial support to our club!

Our major sponsor, the Harbord Hilton are offering club members exclusive deals, discounts & offers when they sign up using the below link ⬇️ 


Get on board and support your Club!

Our long time sponsor & supporters the Community Bank Freshwater are offering us an incentive program for each member than opens a new account with them. See more details below ⬇️

➡️ Home Loan settlement $500

➡️ Personal Loan settlement $100

➡️ Credit Card issued $100

➡️ Term Deposit $100

➡️ Business Account (ABN) $100

➡️ Insurances $50

➡️ New Customers Transactional account $50

➡️ Savings account $50 

Get in touch with Community Bank Freshwater about your banking needs & let them know you're a part of the best football club on the northern beaches!

We are very happy to announce that we have partnered with the Our Village Fundraising Program. This fundraising program not only helps us to raise much needed funds for our Club but is also supporting local businesses

How it works? The local Freshwater businesses support CCYC by donating a percentage of every purchase you make with them. So, the more purchases you make at the participating businesses the more funds you raise for our Club.

It is very easy to sign up. Use your mobile to scan this QR code

Our new associate sponsor 3 Point Capital are an Australian based finance brokerage and mortgage advisory firm specialising in complex residential and commercial property transactions and short-term lending

3 Point Capital are offering a generous rewards program & exclusive offers for club members who are looking to work with them so be sure to let them know you're a part of our club if you're looking their finance brokerage services!

Our latest associate sponsor Gas Guyz have been delivering a range of gases to homes and businesses for over 20 years, so when you notice your BBQ cylinders or CO2 cylinder in your Soda making machine are running out. Be sure to give them the heads up & let them know you're a part of the club! 

Latest Sponsorship Offerings

If you're interested in supporting us this year & would like to know more about our new offerings please check out our sponsorship opportunities ➡ Here 

We Happily Welcome Both New & Returning Sponsors for the 2021 Season

Be sure to let our sponsors know you're a part of the club when you speak with them!

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Our Platinum Sponsors

Diamond Blue Financial Services

Harbord Hotel

Mike Pawley Sports

Harbord Diggers

gold-sponsor.jpg.a 9ebf 6 9dc 0 3fa 3 1ff 48 5e 683780 1ecbc

Our Gold Sponsors

Hallmarq Property Group

Bendigo Bank Freshwater


United Cinemas

Bucketty's Brewing Co

North Shore Sand & Cement

Coastline Building

CMS Consulting

Silver- Sponsor large- 30 0x 300

Our Silver Sponsors

Taylor Railtrack

Be Athletic Fitness

Pixon Technology

Belle Property Seaforth

Eagle Financial Business Accountants

Communicate Speech Pathologist

Clarke & Hummel

Taylors Doors

Brunker Building Services

Future Wealth Group

Our Associates


Grill'd Dee Why

3 Point Finance


Platinum Sponsors
Mike Pawley SportsPhone (02) 9981 2633
Harbord HotelPhone 02 9905 3434
Diamond Blue Financial ServicesPhone 02 9223 0911
Gold Sponsors
CMS ConsultingPhone (02) 9905 3511
Bucketty's Brewing CoPhone 02 8350 6622
United Cinemas
HallmarqPhone +61 452 588 101
North Shore Sand and CementPhone (02) 9948 3905
Render KingPhone 0417 405 213
Silver Sponsors
EQuidityPhone 0403 115 367
Taylors DoorsPhone +61 2 9905 1222
Taylor RailPhone +61 2 4272 1586
Pixon TechnologyPhone 1300 174 966
Clarke & HumelPhone 02 9977 3300
Brunker BuildingPhone 0410 318 508
Associate Sponsors
GAS GUYZPhone 0404 405 318
Grill'dPhone 9188 8396
OurVillagePhone 61 407 28 26 21
What's new?
Interested in being a sponsor for 2021? Contact: