Coaching Courses and Events

Each season the Club conducts both Mini Roos and Skills Training Certificate (STC) coaching courses at Abbott Rd. In addition, registered coaches are also able to access, free of charge, the coaching courses run by the MWFA. These courses are great fun and will enable you to feel properly equipped to run your training sessions in a way that is beneficial to your players to help them develop their skills.
In addition to these formal courses the club also holds Coaching Workshops at Abbott Rd and is part of the MWFA Club Coach Coordinator program providing more individual mentoring and support to our volunteer coaches.

In 2021 the MWFA (and CCFC) requires that all volunteer coaches are appropriately qualified under the FFA Community Pathway for the age group they are coaching.  In summary:

U6 to U8: Mini Roos Discovery Phase - 3 hour practical course

U8 to U13: Skills Training Certificate (STC) 7 hr course time (2 evenings) plus post-course mentoring and self reflection

U14 to U18: Game Training Certificate (GTC) 7hr course time (2 evenings) plus post-course mentoring and self reflection

U18 and up: Senior Coaching Certificate (SCC)

Courses for 2021

MiniRoos Coaching Courses

This course is designed for coaches involved with age groups U6 to U11, as well as any new coaches looking for guidance and ideas of how to run fun and engaging training sessions. The course is fully practical and interactive.



Skill/Game Training Coaching Courses

This course is designed to up-skill coaches of age groups U8 to U13. This course is fully practical and deals with the development of the 4 Functional Game Skills: First Touch, Striking the Ball, Running with the Ball and 1 v 1.



Coach Workshops

  • Thursday April 29 at LM Graham Reserve @ 6:30pm: Keeping Players Engaged
  • Monday May 3 at Cromer Park @ 6:30pm: Match Day Coaching
  • Thursday May 13 at Kitchener Park @ 5pm: Transition from MiniRoos to Full Pitch Football
  • Thursday May 20 at Seaforth Oval @ 6:30pm: Keeping Players Engaged
  • Monday June 7 at Cromer Park @ 6:30pm: Football Based Fitness Training
  • Monday July 5 at Cromer Park @ 6:30pm: Creating and Scoring More Goals
  • Monday August 2 at Cromer Park @ 6:30pm: Involving / Including Goalkeepers

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MWFA coaching calendar for 2021 Click here for details

Other FNSW courses. Find a course through the FNSW website with this link:

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