Grading 2021

In line with the MWFA guidelines, CCFC completes individual player grading for all age groups U10 to U18 where there will be more than one team in the age group. This allows us to place players of similar ability in teams together to assist with their enjoyment and personal development in the game.
We continue to deliver a fair and appropriate grading process utilising a well-established grading methodology and overseen by our most experienced coaches at the club.

Grading for Youth Teams Season 2021

Grading information for 2021 season is based on current situation and expectations during this pandemic.  Should dates and times change due to Covid, weather or other issues, the relevant Age Coordinator will notify all registered players as soon as possible.  This information will also be updated on the website as soon as is practical. 

MWFA requests that the clubs grade individual players from U10 and older and place players in teams of similar ability. All players U10 and older should attend the session for their true age group based on DOB (eg 2007 DOB = U14 grading) Please contact your age coordinator for exceptions to this requirement. 

Additionally some age groups may not require grading - your age coordinator will let you know if this is the case. Where grading is not required your age group coaches may use the allocated field for a kick around - details TBC.

In addition to the official grading sessions noted below, some age groups will be running pre season kick arounds prior to the grading for players interested in playing division 1. Contact the relevant age coordinator if you would like more information.



Saturday 6th February – Narrabeen Sports High (TBC – due to covid)

CCFC have been allocated NSH School on 6th February for some preseason games.  Assuming this can go ahead due to the location we will aim to run games for the following age groups/divisions:

·       U12/U13 – players wishing to play in Division 1 – 6pm

·       W13/14 - players wishing to play in Division 1 – 7pm

·       U14/U15 – Players wishing to play in Division 1 - 8pm 

Please note this is a rough guide/save the date note, more details will be included and sent by the relevant Age Coordinator once confirmation is received, we can go ahead.

Sunday 14th February (Abbott Road) (please also keep Sunday 21st February afternoon free in case of weather issues etc.) 

Abbott Road Field 5 (in front of canteen)

·       U10 - registration and briefing 2.30pm for 3pm start (finish by 4.30pm

·       U11 - registration and briefing 4.30pm for 5pm start (finish by 6.30pm)

·       U12 - registration and briefing 6pm for 6.30pm start (finish by 7.45pm)

Abbott Road Field 4

·  W13 - registration and briefing 4.30pm for a 5pm start

·  W14 - registration and briefing 5.30pm for a 6pm start


Sunday 21st February - Abbott Road

Abbott Road Field 5 (in front of Canteen)

·       U13 - registration and briefing 3pm for 3.30pm start (finish approx. 4.30pm)

·       U14 – registration and briefing 4pm for a 4.30pm start (finish approx. 5.30pm)

·       U15 – registration and briefing 5pm for a 5.30pm start (finish approx. 6.30pm)

Abbott Road Field 4

·     W12 Team Grading – 4pm registration for a 4.30 pm start

·     W15 – W18 - 5pm registration for a 5.30 pm start (if needed) Age Coordinator to confirm

Sunday March 7th - Abbott Road

Abbott Road Field 5
U9 Red (High Grade) Assessment – 3pm - 5pm

Clothing: Players should wear comfortable sports clothes and must be wearing shin pads and football boots. Please bring a water bottle and you do not need to bring a soccer ball. 

Format: Sessions will involve a similar approach to last year where the players complete a number of different rotations likely to include 1v1, 3v2, 4v1, and 6v6. For U13 and older we will likely run 11v11 subject to the available fields. 

Graders: The graders are all experienced and qualified senior players or coaches from within Curl Curl FC. We have an established system and format for grading which is fun for the kids. Remember though that the graders are all volunteers 

Parents: Parents are welcome to attend. Please observe from a respectful distance and refrain from shouting instructions to your child 

Goalkeepers: Those dedicated Goalkeepers should attend their respective age group session. They may be required to also attend the separate goalkeeper assessment session which will be advised by the age coordinator. 

Please familiarise yourself with our approach to grading found on our website under Resources / Grading at CCFC

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