Fees 2018

Curl Curl Youth Club - Registration Fees 2018

Active Kids Discount Voucher ($100 discount for school kids)

The NSW Government will provide a $100 voucher to parents/guardians of school enrolled children to be used for registration and participation costs for sport and fitness activities. Every child (4.5 - 18 years’ old) enrolled in school (incl. home schooling) from Kindergarten to Year 12 will be eligible for an Active Kids Voucher. You can use this voucher to reduce your football fees with Curl Curl Youth Club by $100 per eligible child. Or you can use it for another sporting activity if you prefer.  It can only be used once in 2018 and is not refundable.  It cannot be split between multiple sports.

From 31 January 2018, parents/guardians/carers of an eligible child resident in NSW will be able to download vouchers from the online platform at service.nsw.gov.au (Active Kids) or at any Service NSW Centre and receive a voucher number. When you register your child on MyFootballClub you will be able to reduce the total invoice amount by $100 by entering the voucher number where indicated on the Invoicing screen.  For more information go to https://sport.nsw.gov.au/sectordevelopment/activekids

Early Bird Discount:

All registrations completed online and paid in full by 18th Feb 2017 will receive an Early Bird Discount of $15 per player.  The packages selected during registration already include this discount until this date.

In addition, our club will absorb the online transaction fee charged by the FFA’s online payment gateway until the Early Bird deal finishes on the 18th of February.  But after this date the transaction fee of 1.8% will be passed on to players.

Family Discount: 

This discount needs to be claimed through our treasurer Geoff Mooney: treasurer@curlcurlyouthclub.com.au after completion and payment of the individual registrations.

3 full-paying family members = $50 discount on total fee paid

4 or more full-paying family members = $80 discount on total fee paid.


2018 Early Bird Fees

2018 Fees after Feb 18

Mixed 6s, 7s, 8s & 9s Girls W8 &W9



Mixed and Girls 10s & 11s



Mixed and Girls 12s,13s,14s & 15s



Mixed and Girls: 16s



Mixed and Girls: 18s  



Dual Registered: Playing both Mixed and Girls

Please make sure you register your daughter into the Mixed package (this is the main registration) and Add-On the Dual Registration for Girls under additional items.

W-8 to W11:            Additional $50.00

W-12 to W15:          Additional $70.00

W-16:                      Additional $80.00

  W-18:                      Additional $120.00







AL2 to AL9 and W-AL1 to W-AL5



Over 35 (men and ladies) and O45 men



Student Discount: - applies if you are a full-time student, 19 or over, playing in an adult comp. Note: by accepting the student package, you waive “Loss of Income Insurance”.

(Proof of full-time study is required by registrar before registration will be accepted – see below)


                        $20 discount applies*

De-Registration Fee: Pre-Season after team finalised (but not yet Authorised or younger than U12)

$20.00 (club admin fee)


De-Registration Fee: Pre-Season Authorised by MWFA (U12s and up)

$20.00 (club admin fee) + $32 (MWFA admin fee) = $52 *

De-Registration Fee once Season Commenced (April 1 till mid season – May 31)

$20.00 (club admin fee) PLUS

MWFA fees and Football NSW Fees (varies from $35.13 (U6) - $151.40 (AL1/W-AL1))*

De-Registration from Mid-Season to last deregistration date (June 1 – June 27)

$50 (club admin fee) PLUS MWFA and Football NSW Fees (varies from $35.13 (U6) - $151.40 (AL1/W-AL1)*

Transfer Fee (within MWFA – otherwise de-registration fee applies)

$20 (club admin fee)*

*Further De-Registration/Transfer Fees

*Where uniform has been provided, the cost of this will be retained by the club in addition to admin fees.

*Also where the Active Kids Sports voucher has been used, we are unable to refund this portion of your registration.

* The FFA''s online transaction fee of 1.8% cannot be refunded


* Student Discount Fee: Full-time students playing in adult competitions are eligible for a student discount and saving of $20 from the registration fee.  However, by choosing this option, you are waiving Loss Of Wages Insurance (LOW) which is included in the full price adult fee. To claim the student discount, just choose the F/T student version of your registration package.  But you must provide proof of full time study at the time of registration by emailing a copy of an enrolment letter showing full-time status (or equivalent) to registrar@curlcurlyouthclub.com.au   Student packages without proof of full-time study will not be approved.

* Late Fee: All senior registrations accepted after 1st of March will incur a $34 late registration administration fee.  This is to discourage late registrations as we need to enter team lists at this time for grading by the MWFA.

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